With so many software choices out there, we believe it is important to share how we think about Collie and what you can expect from us.

Before we built Collie, we were juggling a variety of tools for async check-ins, retrospectives, and 1:1s. Our setup was a mix – some tools were general-purpose, like email or Google Docs. Others were more targeted, like apps specifically designed for retrospectives.

This worked for a while, but it wasn't ideal in helping us stay organized or tracking feedback efficiently. We've always had a bit of a struggle with taking notes and keeping them organized. Plus, there was always the hassle of nudging people to come prepared for standups, 1:1s, or retrospectives.

The main issue was that most tools we came across were either too generic, great for run-of-the-mill meetings but not much else, or they were too focused on just one aspect of our needs. On top of that, these tools would not integrate well with each other, leaving us with options that were either too simplistic or, most of the time, too bloated.

We believe in simplicity.

We built Collie because we were tired of using disconnected and bloated software to manage our remote teams. We picked the most important rituals a remote team needs to implement and made them lighter, easier to use, and more effective.

We care about software products that are simple, focused, and committed to getting the job done well and as fast as possible. We respect your attention and time; this is why we focus on building an app that doesn’t force you to spend a ton of time customizing or learning how to use it. 

You are the boss.

We are a small, self-funded team of 3 working remotely from California and The UK. Being fully independent allows us to focus on what really matters: YOU.

You’ll never wait long for customer support or product updates. Our mission is very simple. To help you and your team stay aligned, productive, and happy. 

We’ve been hammering at this problem for a while and think we have a pretty good solution. Let’s continue building together.

We care about your privacy.

We believe you should have full ownership of your data. We don't lock you in at Collie by making data exports difficult. Additionally, we collect the absolute minimum necessary data. Learn more here.

Made for everyone

We believe Collie should be accessible to everyone. We use Radix UI to build our UI, which takes care of the implementation details relating to making interfaces accessible, such as aria and role attributes, focus management, and keyboard navigation. If, at any point, you come across any part of our product that fails to meet these standards, please let us know.

One for the dogs of the world

As you might have guessed, our team is composed of dog lovers; between us, we have four. As we grow, we plan on donating a percentage of our profits to organizations that aid dogs in need; we will showcase these on our website in due course.

Our mission is to help remote teams thrive and build a sustainable business that you feel proud working with.

Lukasz, Seb and Sofia