The accountability tool for remote teams

Track what your team is working on and how they feel about it in one simple tool.

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Better status updates

The old way

You keep asking your team for status updates but never feel fully informed about exactly where things stand.

The Collie way

Every day you wake up and you know exactly how much progress your team has made and how they feel about it.

One-on-ones that work

The old way

People are still showing up to 1:1s unprepared and disengaged.

The Collie way

People are always prepared. They get agenda suggestions based on actual work in progress and previous conversations.

Better tracking and insights

The old way

It's hard to know whether people have the right workload or if they are burning out.

The Collie way

Now, you have an over-time view of the feedback people are sharing. Now, it is easy to Identify signs of burnout and issues quickly.

Remote teams love Collie

Using Collie has been awesome for our team. I love the daily check-ins because they let me take a moment each day to see where we're at. It's like a quick huddle that keeps us all in sync and moving forward together. It really makes a difference!

Marketa Adamova
Marketa Adamova
Tech Lead Engineer

As a lead software engineer, Collie is invaluable. Its asynchronous check-ins keep us connected efficiently, and the mood tracker offers insights into team morale. Collie helps me better understand and support my team, enhancing our productivity.

Wojciech Ogrodowczyk
Wojciech Ogrodowczyk
Engineering Manager

Collie is in BETA and completely free until February 2024!

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Your data is handled securely. All data is encrypted at rest & in transit. We are CCPA & GDPR compliant, with hosting available in the US and other regions (EU is coming soon, please get in touch for access).

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